Conversation #109: What happened to college sports?

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This may not be of interest to many of my readers, but I am just getting sort of frustrated and tired of all the conference changes.  I thought sports were supposed to be about fun and competition, and who doesn't love a good rivalry.  Instead, it has become about the money.  Isn't that what always happens?

I'm also sad, because it seems that yet again, my lovely home state of Kansas is going to be kicked to the curb as always.  I know Kansas isn't as exciting as NYC, and no, we don't have any beaches, but I LOVE Kansas.  Unfortunately I don't get to live there anymore, but I will always be a Kansan, and I have tons of pride for my state.  It is full of hard working people, and maybe we just prefer a simpler, quieter pace of life.  I miss that living in a big city.  Plus, with the Internet and UPS, I have determined that I could shop anywhere, even in fashion lacking Kansas (we used to get stores later than other places).

I hate when I tell people I'm from Kansas and they either say, "I drove there once" or "I flew over it once."  The coasts have definitely made it flyover country for sure.  Seems that may happen again in college sports.  I live in Texas, and although I will always be a Kansan, I like Texas, too.  Texas is too big and too strong willed to let it be flyover country, and it also has far more people in it than Kansas.  I'm sorry to any University of Texas fans out there, but I sort of feel like they ruined the Big XII.  They are all about money, and they are huge so they have a very large alumni and fan base.  Kansas can't compete with that, and therefore we'll get kicked to the curb and put in the "leftovers" conference because we don't have the money or sheer number of people the southern schools have to support it monetarily like TX schools can. 

This is probably a little whiny, but it makes me so sad for my home state, and I wish I could do something to help.  I just hope the NCAA and colleges realize that we already have a pro-football league, and college sports used to be more fun when money wasn't the goal.  Anyway, I'm off my soapbox now.  So long Big XII - you will be missed.  I even remember when you were the Big VIII way back in the day!

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